Paul Hogendoorn


Freepoint Tecnologies Inc.

Paul Hogendoorn is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in the manufacturing and IT industries. Prior to cofounding FreePoint Technologies in 2013, Paul cofounded OES, Inc and helped build it into an industry leader with a significant global footprint in multiple distinct marketplaces. 

If you are watching the NBA playoffs: the scoring, timing and statistics systems being used at Cleveland games and Toronto games use communications protocols he created and connect with statistics packages he helped create the schemas for. There is no sports league in the world more statistics focused than the NBA.  Over 30 professional NBA, NHL and NFL teams now use those systems. TSN, ESPN, CBC and all the broadcasters take their feeds off of those systems.

 If you drink the water from your tap, you may be relying on firmware, protocols, schemas and a controls system architecture that he created. All the people in New York City do every day.

 If you buy perishable produce, there’s a chance that at one point, it went from grower to wholesaler, over one of the financial trade systems Paul developed in 1985 and is still in use today. In 1995, he added remote buying capability, 10 years before the internet was ready for it. Today, about $10B of product has been sold over these systems.

  For the first part of his career, he designed the hardware, wrote the firmware, sometimes wrote the software, and created the schemas and the communications protocols for all the products the company took to market eventually completing a successful exit with over 70 employees and $12 million in revenue.

 Paul is a cofounder of the London Region Manufacturing Council (an influential industry advocacy group), and a regularly contributing columnist to leading industry publications.