Colleen Kavanagh

CEO & Co-Founder

ZEGO Snacks

Colleen is passionate about the importance of food to the health of individuals, society and our planet.

For over 20 years, Colleen has championed efforts to improve outcomes for children through improving the nutrition they receive in public programs and at home. Her career in child nutrition public policy began in Washington, DC, with Congressman George Miller (7-CA) and the American School Food Service Association, and continued on the state and local level with California Food Policy Advocates. From 2003-2015, Colleen served on the San Francisco School Board’s Food and Fitness Committee to write and oversee the implementation of the School Board’s Wellness Policy. In 2007, she founded A Better Course (originally named Campaign for Better Nutrition), a nonprofit organization that helps improve the nutrition children receive in public programs and at home, so they can be healthier, learn more, and better achieve their dreams.  

To expand her work to help people eat more healthfully, Colleen launched ZEGO LLC in 2013. ZEGO is the only superfood-based company that makes delicious shelf-stable convenience foods free from common allergenic and gut irritating ingredients. Through ZEGO, Colleen developed and launched a new industry gold standard in food safety for people with food allergies and sensitivities called the Z-Code. She has also launched a new pesticide-testing project and uses ZEGO’s packaging to educate consumers about how to ask other companies to do more testing and provide more transparency about their products. A part of every ZEGO purchase is donated to fund A Better Course’s work.

Colleen now serves as CEO of ZEGO and handles a multitude of functions from fundraising to marketing to product development. The company has been consistently recognized in the press for its innovation in food transparency and safety with its patent pending Z-Code.

Colleen received a Masters of Public Policy from Georgetown University and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Political Science and a BS in Economics.  She and her husband are raising their three school-aged children in San Francisco.