Transportation Impact


Transportation Impact, a 5-time Inc. 5000 honoree, is an industry leader in small parcel and less-than-truckload negotiations. We provide our customers with world-class audit and TMS technology for them to make better, faster, more cost-effective business decisions. We are able to do all of this through a performance based cost model with no up-front costs to our customers.





“Initially I partnered with Transportation Impact to audit my small package shipments. The service failures they discovered have resulted in a new revenue stream for our company. I have been able to use the supporting data during my annual negotiations with competing carriers. Additionally, TI served as an expert consultant to assist in these negotiations. The entire TI Team is very professional and always available to help. Their robust systems are very user friendly. Even if you are currently using an audit company, I would strongly suggest that you investigate the scope of services that Transportation Impact offers and the many positive ways that they can positively IMPACT your business.”
- Rock Bottom Golf (Charlie DeSio)

“We have renegotiated better rates a number of times, but always feared that we could have done better. Transpor- tation Impact provided the expertise to  nd savings by identifying where there were additional opportunities and developed a negotiation strategy that  t our style and needs while guiding us step by step through the process. They produced a result exactly as they estimated and beyond our original expectations. I highly recommend Transporta- tion Impact as a professional organization and especially for their attention to detail, timely attentive service, negoti- ation expertise and knowledge of the small package delivery area. Transportation Impact achieved savings we were unable to achieve on our own.”
- Zoysia Farms (John Ridgway)

“TI did an incredible job as our consultant running our Small Package Bid. I performed bids myself in the past, but was amazed at their knowledge and how that knowledge led to double digit savings, even when our spend dropped from 6.5 million to 2.5 million. They are very relaxed individuals even when the stress gets too high for most. I will be utilizing the services of Transportation Impact in the future.”
- Reynold’s Foil (Allen Thorton)