MakeTime, Inc.


MakeTime is a tech company streamlining the production of CNC machined parts. Powered by data and the nation’s largest network of qualified and connected suppliers, we radically compress the manufacturing timeline, while simplifying and demystifying its processes. The result is a reliable path to prototyping, production and aftermarket CNC machining that is fast, intuitive and cost-competitive. MakeTime is located in Lexington, KY, in the heart of American manufacturing.






“We were drawn to the idea of on-demand manufacturing and on-demand fabrication as ways to reduce overhead and simplify operations … With MakeTime, it’s easy. You just upload your parts, set your specifications and you’re good to go.”
- Nazareth Ekmekjian, Piaggio Fast Forward

“If I hadn’t discovered MakeTime, we probably still wouldn’t have those parts, and it would’ve been a long process trying to find other machine shops and validate their quality. You guys got us the parts for less money in less time.”
- Jack Baker, GoWesty

“To date, we have been very pleased with MakeTime and have enjoyed the service and its ease of use. We found MakeTime to be a good fit for our engineering team and has been very useful for ordering evaluation and tooling pieces.”
- Matt Sauter, TeraDiode