PINPoint Information Systems


PINpoint Information Systems is the manufacturer and integrator of PINpoint V5 MES software with 20 years of experience catering to the industrial assembly industry.  In an environment where the approach to plant floor management is often fragmented and highly custom, PINpoint has built a user configurable 'product' from the ground up with a single focus of being the most comprehensive and highly integrated assembly management tool in industry.  PINpoint V5 MES is a common sense approach to Process Control, Andon and Intelligent Performance Metrics in a single, complimentary solution delivering the most cost effective approach to quality and efficiency, 'Out of the Box'.  PINpoint's V5 MES leverages knowledge of every action on the line to determine how that contributes or detracts from OEE in Real Time or how you are performing against your goal.  PINpoint's work in process management component and intelligent timing model can finally answer the question of where your production time is really going.





PINpoint's process management system was instrumental in enabling a culture based on data and facts rather than opinions and guesses.  The culture change has enabled increased efficiency and decreased warranty spend previously unachievable in multiple manufacturing facilities around the world.
- Caterpillar Corporation

PINpoint taught us what accountability of process really means, the financial value of that and how to maximize the benefit of the assembly equipment we already owned.
- Darren Miller, UTC Aerospace Systems