Alta Via Consulting, LLC


Alta Via offers advanced cost management and strategic enterprise management solutions. Our consultants have extensive experience required for the challenges associated with today’s complex systems. We pride ourselves on giving the clients the tools they need to gain costing insights and cost transparency that is often thought to be unattainable.

Gain operational cause and effect insights from your manufacturing KPIs and other metrics. Understand the value of these key decision support metrics in dollars to make the most of your continuous improvement project





“I now have a tool integrating OLAP Cubes, In-Memory Technologies and an R integrated statistics tool that is as easy to use. I have all the simplicity of spreadsheets with data handling power of a server farm. My team is able to model and connect the top and bottom metrics. We can run these metrics through a cause and effect model and now I'm able to spin a single form or the data into every requested use case.”
- Natasja Askø, Global Process Engineer

“Until I saw the CVM, I had never understood my business so clearly. We were already able to see strategically valuable information,”
- CFO of a Market Leading Carribean Brewery.

“Having been in the in the business of manufacturing for the past 30 years, I always faced the challenge of getting effective business analytics from data. I can now use this data for effective planning and understanding of financial decisions. Yet, I also need to connect to operations and the supply chain. Data is critical, but it must be current and correct...”
- Danie Jacobs, Divisional President