Entrada Group de Mexico



Entrada Group guides manufacturers in establishing and running their own cost-effective Mexico operations, enhancing their global competitiveness. Our manufacturing support platform reduces risk and supports long-term growth, giving small- and medium-sized foreign companies a production footprint in Mexico, and empowering them to anticipate needs and deliver solutions to their clients, in an accelerated way. On behalf of the manufacturer, Entrada Group assists with the strategic, legal and practical requirements of setting up operations in Mexico, and also provides ongoing production support (General & Administrative) services. This leaves producers free to focus fully on their key competency: manufacturing great products.





Paula Dias, CEO of Elastomer Solutions
“Once we understood the benefits of the Entrada system, which includes a shelter services concept that minimizes our exposure to risk, manufacturing campuses and centralized shared services, we were hooked,” says Ms. Dias. “In short, we are able to focus on our core business, while Entrada takes care of the rest.” As a midsize company, Elastomer Solutions didn’t have the spare resources or experience to deal with the hurdles of setting up operations in Mexico on its own - challenges such as local logistics, procurement, human resources and administration, plus understanding and navigating the Mexico legal framework. “These are essential issues when establishing and running manufacturing operations in another country, so not having to manage it ourselves is immensely valuable,” she adds. “At the same time,” Ms. Dias stresses, “Entrada does not interfere with our business or our customers. We maintain complete control of both.”

Ron Tobb, Senior VP, Operations & Quality, Bowles Fluidics
Today Bowles Fluidics is at 1200 people in Mexico and we have gone from our initial 24,000 sq. ft. to 35,000 sq. ft. to 60,000 sq. ft. to now 70,000 sq. ft. We’re already looking at next options in terms of space expansion. Our entry into Mexico has been an enabler. Labor availability is of particular note. The truth is I don’t know if I could find 1000 people where our plant is in the US who would take this job at the going pay rate for an assembler. What Entrada sold us in the mid-2000s was “We’re going to give you the lowest cost of labor in North America and Mexico know-how, and we’re going to handle the Mexico administration, human resources and legal, the import and export, and the smooth transport of parts to the border. And as long as you do as we advise, Bowles Fluidics is going to be just fine.” Over five years later and that story has held true, and is still working.

Bob Penicka, President Axiom Industries
“In 2008, we decided on Mexico as a manufacturing location primarily because the proximity enabled us to get product to our distribution centers and customers quickly,” explains Bob Penicka, President Axiom Industries. “By manufacturing in Mexico, we’d also be able to adjust to seasonal swings in demand and efficiently manage the introduction of new products and technologies into the factory.”