Coulson Ice Blast


Ice is at the forefront of a new technology, set to revolutionize the way we clean the world

The IceStorm90 is an award winning, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning technology that uses ice made from H20 to preform cleaning and surface preparation applications.

Established in 1960, Coulson Group of Companies is family owned and operated.  It began as a small logging company and has since branched out to become a global leader in the aviation, logging, lumber manufacturing, and gaming industries.

Coulson Ice Blast was established in 2015 to further investigate using H2O Ice for the purpose of Industrial cleaning and surface preparation applications.

Coulson Ice Blast’s first product: The Ice Storm90, is the most advanced and effective industrial cleaning tool available.  It utilizes the superior cleaning power of ice, making this technology more cost effective and safer to operate, replacing other cleaning technologies such as: Dry Ice Blasting, Water Jetting, Chemical cleaning and Abrasive blasting.

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Ice Blast Technology for Precision Cleaning – Prepared for Teledyne Wah Chang
This case study focuses on the development of a cleaning process to improve the metallurgical bond between the thin outer liner and base material of bimetallic tubing.
Summary: “Application of the ice blast for critical cleaning has improved the metallurgical bonding of bimetallic zirconium alloy tubing.”

Decontamination of surfaces by Blasting with Crystals of H2O and CO2 – Oak Ridge National Laboratory
- ORNL is operated by Martin Marietta Energy systems for the U.S. Department of Energy.
- Summary: “In these tests, the CIB process demonstrated three advantages over CO2 Cleanblast process.  It uses a less expensive reagent (Water versus CO2), it operates at more moderate temperature conditions, and uses less expensive equipment.  ORNL has submitted a proposal for a cooperative research and development agreement to develop the CIB system for use in decontaminating metals and concrete in DOE facilities”

“AFCO has continuously operated an Ice Blast machine to deburr copper motor armature faces for fuel pumps.  The use of Ice Blast to deburr has been crucial to producing our high quality fuel pumps that exist in 40% of the North American automotive industry. Ice Blast technology continues to be a cost –effective solution for our deburring and precision cleaning needs.    The ability to rely on this machine eases our minds in production because we are confident that Ice Blast will achieve the necessary standard of clean every time.”
- Jack Engram, Project Engineer, AFCO